Climate neutrality & Ecolabel

Climate neutrality & Ecolabel


The Tratterhof has joined the climate neutrality alliance and has also been awarded the European Ecolabel.

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Goal 0 emissions

Climate-neutral in 3 years

Sustainable management

0 EMISSIONS, 100 % HOLIDAY!  Yes, the climate also takes a holiday with us...

The Tratterhof and the climate neutrality alliance

We have been pursuing a low-waste philosophy for many years out of deep conviction. We use water carafes for the best spring water instead of disposable or reusable bottles, do not offer packaged food at the breakfast buffet and try to do without short-lived accessories such as bath slippers. These are just a few examples of the many small steps we have taken towards reducing waste. As a member of Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol, we have joined the climate neutrality alliance: Zero Emissions, for a carefree holiday with a clear conscience. We have had our own CO2 footprint calculated in order to become as climate neutral as possible. Various factors are taken into account, e.g. the consumption of detergent in our laundries, the number of kilometres driven by our company vehicles, the water and electricity consumption and the number of overnight stays as well as catering for our guests and staff. As a result, we get the exact number of tonnes of CO2 emissions caused by us and our guests.
The three-year plan towards CO2 neutrality provides for offsetting measures that are invested in climate projects of the Swiss non-profit foundation "myclimate" and benefit either drinking water treatment in Uganda, community reforestation in Nicaragua and mangrove reforestation or the advancement of women in Myanmar.

Climate neutrality & Ecolabel
Climate neutrality & Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel

Award of great responsibility

Quality seal for sustainability

The Tratterhof has been awarded the Ecolabel.
The European Ecolabel, easily recognisable by the flower symbol, is a trademark of the European Commission. It is awarded to products and services that are particularly environmentally friendly. The Ecolabel considers the environmental impact of products and services over their entire life cycle. The EU Ecolabel makes it easy to identify businesses, accommodation providers and campsites that make a special contribution to environmental protection and sustainable management. It will be easy for consumers to actively choose environmentally friendly offers.
With Decision 2017/175/EC, the European Commission has set out the criteria that a tourist accommodation must follow in order to be awarded the EU Ecolabel. Based on this decision, measures are defined to act in an environmentally friendly way and to use resources efficiently. The criteria take into account the different product cycles and they relate to production/purchase, use, conversion to waste and disposal. The criteria include careful use of water as well as the use of renewable energy sources, careful use of cleaning agents and other chemicals and increased environmental communication.

The Ecolabel is a special award given to those products or services that have a reduced impact on the environment. Specifically, the EU Ecolabel guarantees to the guest of a hotel that:

  • the negative impact on air, water and soil is limited as far as possible and that, as far as possible, no products with a negative environmental impact are used.
  • waste is avoided and disposed of separately as far as possible.
  • energy and resource efficiency is pursued.
  • biodiversity is strived for in all areas under the control of the hotel.
  • regional and, if possible, organic food is offered.
Climate neutrality & Ecolabel