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A view of the Dolomites


At the restaurant, in Monte Silva Mountain Spa, in our rooms or suites, no matter where you are at Tratterhof, the view is heavenly. It’s not for nothing that we are known as panoramic specialists. Which mountains are you at eye level with?


Can you believe it?

You have to see this panorama with your own eyes.

  • Rocca dei Baranci | Haunold | (2,966m)
  • Cima Lasta | Astjoch  (2,194m)
  • Sasso di Santa Croce in Val Badia | Kreuzkofel (3,026m)
  • Sass de Putia | Peitlerkofel (2,875m)
  • Plose (2,562m)
  • Gruppo delle Odle | Geislergruppe  (3,025m)
  • Sasso Lungo | Langkofel (3,181m)
  • Sasso Piatto | Plattkofel (2,969m)
  • Catinaccio | Rosengarten (3,004m)
  • Sciliar | Schlern (2,563m)
Webcam: view from Tratterhof