Culina Alpina
Culina Alpina
Culina Alpina
Culina Alpina
Culina Alpina

"Culina Alpina"

A wide array of culinary delights

Our chef and his team conjure up refined dishes on your plates, with which you will experience true culinary delights. The philosophy of the Vitalpina and Wanderhotels in South Tyrol guarantees the quality of the products, which come directly from our surroundings.

In addition to a balanced diet and South Tyrolean specialities, we also prepare gluten- and lactose-free dishes if required. We offer vegan food on request (before arrival!) and at an extra charge.

You can also send your senses on a voyage of discovery during a wine tasting.

The term Culina Alpina is derived from Latin and means "Alpine cuisine". The name, written in Latin, is not only a beautiful play on words, but also stands for the fact that in our Hotel the traditional cuisine of the Alps is influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. And just as well as the name sounds, the two cooking cultures fit together just as well! Two cultures that couldn't harmonize better!

On a journey of discovery through the world of pleasure

  • Fine wines in our Cantina Alpina
  • Wine tasting with sommelier and junior chef of the hotel, Evelyn
  • Cheese tasting with our CheeseAdvisor Sascha
  • Use of regional and seasonal products
  • Gourmet kitchen based on the Vitalpina concept

Romance in our Cantina Alpina

Culina Alpina

Cantina Alpina - that means the romantic wine cellar in our hotel. This is where the finest wines are stored, not only from South Tyrol, but also from the rest of Italy such as Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont, etc. In our valuable cellar there are even bottles from the southernmost region of Italy: Sicily.
Not only the good wine on the shelves, but above all the room itself makes the cellar something special. The wood of the massive chairs used to be a real wine barrel, just like the table. The dividing walls of the various wine racks are beautifully bricked and the lighting creates a very special atmosphere, full of romance and aesthetics. 

It would be far too bad if we only used our wine cellar as a storage room. And that's exactly why the door is open for our guests and invites you to step in for a glass of wine after a delicious dinner or a relaxing wellness day and enjoy it there in a cosy togetherness. It is also possible to book a romantic dinner in the wine cellar. Our kitchen team will conjure up a very special 7-course menu and spoil your palate with it. Just the thing for special occasions such as birthdays, the wedding day or to thank someone. In these four walls even someone's hand has often been asked for.

First-class ambience for more enjoyment

The eye eats too - not only the exclusive dishes are convincing, but also the rooms in the Hotel Tratterhof! The dining room is divided into several rooms where you can discover the world of pleasure in a cosy ambience. The generous window fronts allow an impressive view of the South Tyrolean mountains. If you can't get enough of the panorama, you can enjoy the unique view and the sun on the panorama terrace when the weather is fine.

Guests with dogs are welcome in the "Bergidyll Stube". This small dining room is separated from the rest of the dining area and is specially reserved for dog owners who wish to take their four-legged companion with them for breakfast and dinner.
Guests who wish to have a wider choice for lunch have the option of stopping at the "Bistro Monte Silva". Between 12.00 and 16.00, our chef and his team will create gourmet dishes for the discerning palate. In the "Monte Silva Bistro", guests of the hotel as well as restaurant visitors can enjoy the extensive offer.
In the evening, the small restaurant "La Cantina" invites you to linger. In the middle of the wonderful atmosphere of the wine cellar and with tasty specialities you can profit from a romantic evening. For an extra charge, house guests also have the option of enjoying an spectacular 7-course menu in the hotel's wine cellar.

Wine tasting with Evelyn

Culina Alpina

Another highlight that takes place in our Cantina Alpina is the wine tasting with Evelyn, the junior chef. Once a week, South Tyrolean wines will be tasted in our Gourmet Hotel and you will learn everything you need to know about the content, production and taste of the different wines.
As a certified wine sommelier, Evelyn knows pretty much everything about the fine wines and will be happy to tell you which wine you should combine with which dishes and what is less suitable and therefore better not to be combined. Here you will not only enjoy, but also learn something about wine culture!

The wine cellar of the house: wine as passion

"For me, wine is not only a food companion, but a passion!"

The Sommelière of the house is the junior chef Evelyn, who works with a lot of passion in the "Cantina Alpina". "Cantina Alpina" - this is the romantic wine cellar of the house, which is not only used for storing fine wines from South Tyrol, Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont. Once a week you can taste wonderful and above all regional wines together with the junior chef in our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. Information about the content, the production and the individual taste of the wines are included. Experience wine culture par excellence!
In addition to the fine wines, the unique ambience in the wine cellar of the house is also convincing: The interior is characterised by solid wood and genuine wine barrels, which lend the "Cantina Alpina" an authentic atmosphere in which enjoyment, romance and aesthetics are written large. This is the ideal place for couples and lovers!

Use of seasonal products

Culina Alpina

Our hotel is committed to using regional and seasonal products. There are several reasons for this:

1. The high quality of our products

The quality level of South Tyrolean products such as potatoes, bread, apples, dairy products, bacon, etc. is very high and is confirmed by the seal of quality of the umbrella brand “South Tyrol”. We ensure the best quality by using regional products.
And because the good Mediterranean is so close, we also focus on the highest quality and serve you Italian delicacies such as Parmesan Grana Padano, raw ham San Daniele, fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, etc..


2. Seasonality with tradition

Using seasonal products has a long tradition in South Tyrol.
Here at the Tratterhof, too, various asparagus dishes are prepared, for example in spring when asparagus is pricked in the lowlands. Just like in summer, when the apricots are ready, we use freshly harvested apricots from the Val Venosta region for our afternoon cakes or delicious desserts. And what tastes better than freshly harvested apricots?

Südtiroler Krapfen

3. We bring our guests closer to our culture

Our guests do not come to South Tyrol for example to eat Asian food. They expect regional dishes such as dumplings, Schlutzkrapfen, Krapfen, etc.. And these regional dishes are best prepared with products from our farmers. Just as it used to be, when every farmer had his own chickens, his own cows and his own little potato field.
Although today we cook a little more refined than our ancestors did, the basis of South Tyrolean cuisine remains.

4. We trust our farmers

No matter who we are talking about, the potato grower from Pustertal/Val Pusteria, the apple grower from Natz-Schabs/Naz Sciaves and Val Venosta, the apricot grower from Val Venosta or the cattle producer from Sarntal/Val Sarentino, we trust the local farmers and their products. This gives us the confidence to serve our guests only the best every day with a clear conscience. And we need this trust! After all, it is all about YOUR well-being.

Cuisine based on the Belvita & Vitalpina concept

Culina Alpina

The cuisine offer in our Belvita and Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof is tailored to the needs of active guests. It includes typical South Tyrolean products and seasonal dishes.
We make sure that our guests have an optimal and balanced diet. The regional products are expressly marked on the menu and also at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. Here with us you can eat a healthy and balanced diet without having to forego culinary delights!
If you have an intolerance such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease, our kitchen team will prepare a menu tailored to your needs.

Would you like your holiday in our hotel in South Tyrol to be something very special, with nothing missing? Then we recommend our all-round carefree offers. Our team has put together packages for you on various topics, where we have already thought of everything, so that you can look forward to your holiday in peace. 
Various wellness and spa offers invite you, for example, to get away from it all for a few days. Relax in the spacious spa and wellness area of the hotel and let our experienced team pamper you.

Combining pleasure and vitality

Pleasure and health are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary: the kitchen team is constantly striving to create delicate dishes that are free of flavour enhancers. In our house you can enjoy special culinary delights with high-quality and regional ingredients. Many of the unmistakable dishes are gluten- and lactose-free and were produced according to the concept of Dr. Schär, the South Tyrolean gluten pioneer. In addition, our guests have the opportunity to inform us in advance of any incompatibilities and intolerances in the "wish list", so that the menu can be adapted to the special needs and preferences.   
Our little guests also get their money's worth: special children's menus leave nothing to be desired. The children's playroom, which is not far from the restaurant area, provides a change of pace after the enjoyment: A foosball table and a tower slide are attractive extras that make a stay in our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol an unforgettable experience for young guests as well.
Whether alone, as a couple or with the whole family: Enjoy unmistakable days of relaxation and indulgence in our wellness and gourmet hotel in South Tyrol!

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