Monte Silva Cura Live-Demo
Monte Silva Cura Live-Demo
Monte Silva Cura Live-Demo

Live Demo of Cosmetics' production

The way Monte Silva Cura is born

Monte Silva Cura Live-Demo
Sascha Russotti

Just before the beginning of the winter season 2019-2020 our team of the Monte Silva beauty farm was trained to the new products of the Monte Silva Cura natural cosmetics line. The natural cosmetics were developed by the Tratterhof in cooperation with the professionals of Vitaform and contain the best essences from our environment. Vitaform CEO Martina showed us how these essences are extracted from herbs, fruits and flowers in a live demo. Thanks to her mobile distillery, Vera, Edith and Co. were able to get an idea of how the various feel-good products originate directly from nature and trigger a sense of well-being and aesthetics in the user.

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The principle is very simple. With a copper distillery, water is heated in the lower part and converted into steam. The steam flows through the herbs above and the valuable essences are extracted. The water vapour carries the essence upwards where the water portion is separated from the oily essence portion by cooling.
The art of Vitaform's pharmacists lies in transforming the essences desired by the Tratterhof in the right dose into a feel-good mix with which the individual products can then be inoculated and produced.
All this knowledge about the essences obtained from our South Tyrolean nature flows into the natural cosmetics Monte Silva Cura of the Tratterhof.

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