Family Gruber-Hinteregger
Family Gruber-Hinteregger
Family Gruber-Hinteregger
Family Gruber-Hinteregger

The host family Gruber-Hinteregger

Welcome to our mountain retreat

For 40 years now the Tratterhof Mountain Sky Hotel, the 4-star S-Hotel in Meransen, has been a popular holiday destination for guests who love hiking in Meransen and for sports enthusiasts who come to Meransen for winter sports. The wellness and outdoor hotel is managed by the Gruber-Hinteregger family and has been family-owned since 1981!

The originally small farm was turned into a guesthouse at the beginning of the 80s. Franz Gruber, the owner of the farm, opened the "Pension Tratterhof" together with his wife Regina, who comes from an hotel family from Lüsen, in 1981. At that time, the Tratterhof was mainly frequented by tourist groups.

Then and now

Family Gruber-Hinteregger

After many successful years it was time for a change. So the Gruber family decided to convert the small 16-room guesthouse into a hotel and opened the Bergidyll Hotel Tratterhof***s in July 2005. In the beginning it was not so easy to win guests, because nobody knew the new hotel in Meransen yet. But that changed quickly. After the first opening months, the Gruber family was already able to welcome regular guests.

The Tratterhof has been modernised from year to year and is now one of the best 4-star S hotels in South Tyrol. The main reason for this is certainly that in the Tratterhof the whole family and also the whole team are at work with their hearts. Everyone loves to be among people, to make new acquaintances and to see familiar faces again.

In 2019 the name of the hotel was officially changed to Tratterhof Mountain Sky Hotel due to its close proximity to the most beautiful mountain sky and its unique view.

Guests in tight contact with the family

Family Gruber-Hinteregger

The contact between the Gruber-Hinteregger family and the guests is very close. They are always somewhere in the house and do a lot with the guests. Mrs Gruber regularly offers guided hikes and a cooking course for the guests. Evelyn, the daughter of the house and at the same time junior boss, holds the wine tasting as trained Sommelier and undertakes once a week the hiking tour for correct breathing. In addition to the time she spends with her two children Evamaria and Franz, she is very active in the business and helps wherever it is necessary. Above all, she takes care of the organisation.

Son-in-law Andreas manages the entire service department and undertakes the Speedhiking Tour with the guests once a week. He is in constant contact with the guests.

The Gruber-Hinteregger family is looking forward to welcoming and spoiling you here at the Tratterhof Mountain Sky Hotel and is sure that you will feel at home and spend a nice and relaxing holiday with them!

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