Rocky in the Tratterhof
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Rocky in the Tratterhof
Rocky in the Tratterhof
Rocky in the Tratterhof

Original Rocky Replicas at the Tratterhof

Straight from the inventor of the Rocky Statue

Rocky in the Tratterhof
Sascha Russotti

Russotti Collectibles/2benefit, the exclusive importer of the original Rocky replicas for Trentino-South Tyrol, has chosen the Hotel Tratterhof in Maranza as the ideal and centrally located exhibition venue for the statues. So every Rocky fan from the region as well as the guests of the Mountain Sky Hotel can admire the inspiring replicas in the upscale location of a Belvita Leading Wellnesshotel Südtirol.
The statues are original replicas of the Monumental Rocky Statue, which has stood next to the famous Rocky staircases of the Philadelphia Museum of Art since the film Rocky III  (with a few short interruptions) and is the daily destination of hundreds of Rocky fans.

Sylvester Stallone himself had commissioned Thomas Schomberg with the statue.
The statues will soon adorn the showcase of the modern Monte Silva Skyroom gym on the 5th floor of the hotel. The Skyroom will be ready by summer 2020. In the meantime, the collectibles will be on display in a beautiful showcase in the restaurant area.

Buy Rocky at the Tratterhof

Touch and buy them

The collector's items can also be bought in the Tratterhof  (if available on stock) or ordered. They come directly from the inventor of the Rocky Statue Thomas Schomberg.

The original replicas from the film Rocky III can be admired from three different materials: resin, tin or bronze.
By buying the replicas at the Hotel Tratterhof, buyers save on transport and insurance costs. But most of all, they may touch the sculptures with their own hand before buying.
The Tratterhof is very pleased to be the only South Tyrolean exhibition site for these high-quality statues.
Thanks to RussottiCollectibles, the official logo of (c) Schomberg Studios 2019 ROCKYTM and (c) MGM 1976-2020 may also decorate the showcase.

"For these collectibles I couldn't have imagined a better location than the Mountain Sky Hotel Tratterhof. In this upscale ambience, the valuable replicas feel at home." says Sascha Russotti, founder of RussottiCollectibles.
Further information on the history of the Rocky statue, RussottiCollectibles and the replicas can be found here.


“Photos used by permission of Schomberg Studios”



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