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Page updated on August 2nd 2021

All Tratterhof included services are available to you in full as usual
Look forward to a relaxing luxury holiday in the luxury of nature.

Please note the following formalities for entry:

Entry to South Tyrol / Italy for guests from abroad:

  1. Please complete the European digital entry form (Digital Passenger Locator Form - dPLF) already before entering Italy. Carry the proof of registration in digital or paper form with you and show it in the event of checks by the law enforcement officers.

  2. Please bring a negative Covid-19 test (molecular or antigen test), which has been carried out within 48 hours before arriving at the Tratterhof. This does NOT apply to vaccinated and convalescent persons, where proof of vaccination or convalescence as well as the so called Green Pass is sufficient:

    • Proof of vaccination: Proof of having received a corona vaccination. Proof of vaccination counts from the 15th day after receiving the first dose of vaccine
    • Proof of recovery: Proof of recovery from a Covid 19 infection in the last six months.

On the website of the Italian Ministry of Health you can find more information on the digital entry form in Italian and English.

The following applies in general: When returning from South Tyrol to the respective home country, guests must observe the entry regulations applicable in their home country for a return journey from Italy.


For Italian citizens on holiday in South Tyrol:
The same above mentioned rules apply except for the Digital Passenger Locator Form - dPLF, which is not required for Italian citizens.

When travelling in a private car, the minimum distance of 1 metre can be undercut if all occupants wear a face mask. If all persons in the vehicle are from the same household, the mask is not required.
All our staff wear a mask. All services in the hotel take place as usual. Our 4,000 m2 Monte Silva Spa with all swimming pools is in normal operation.

Travel information
Additional information can be found on the official website of South Tyrol Tourism:

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