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Running in Gitschberg Jochtal/Rio Pusteria

Start your run at our hotel

Due to its altitude of 1,400 metres, the sunny plateau of Meransen/Maranza above Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria from April to November is a running mecca for mountain runners and hobby runners who are preparing their running events at lower altitudes. Whether the demanding run to the Brixnerhütte or the easier run through the Altfasstal valley or across the Rodenecker Alm to the Astjoch - the holiday region around the Hotel Tratterhof offers the ideal trails for every type of runner.

The special thing about the Tratterhof you start at 1,500 m. No other hotel in the holiday region is closer to the mountain peaks.

Why running at the Tratterhof

The location of the Tratterhof

The Tratterhof is situated at 1,500 metres directly "on" the mountain. Many of the breathtaking panorama tracks start from here. The car stays in the hotel garage. The hotel is start and finish of your training.

The trails

The running trails lead past the most impressive scenic highlights of the holiday region.

The trails to the so-called BIG FIVE (Wilde Kreuzspitze, 3.132 m / Napfspitze, 2.888 m / Seefeldspitz, 2.715 m / Gaisjoch, 2.641 m / Astjoch, 2.194 m) are relatively lonely routes to the summit crosses of our alpine pasture region and are worthwhile destinations for ambitious competitive athletes.

The mount Gitschberg (2,512 m) itself with its mountain station at 2,100 m is the best starting point for fascinating running experiences (panorama platform, Klein Gitsch...). The same applies to the mountain station of the Jochtal cable car with its unique running adrenalin to Stoanamandl or Fanealm.

Recreational runners will find a playing field for their panoramic runs with less difference in altitude on the slightly easier trails in the Alftasstal valley and on the Rodenecker Alm alpine pasture (Astjoch).

Ideal tracks for everybody

Recreational sportsmen and women who are preparing for folk runs, half marathons and marathons in the plain (altitude training as part of the preparation) will find a selection of idyllic running tracks with less difference in altitude in our holiday region. The Rodenecker Alm and the Altfasstal valley are ideal for this. The Alftasstal starts directly behind our hotel and can only be crossed without car. Cars are not allowed.

Mountain runners in the classic sense as well as participants in Ultratrails, Vertical Sky, Ultra Sky and Extreme Sky reach their running eldorado directly from the hotel or can be brought to the starting point of many runs by the free Almencard+ which offers free mountain cablecars. By this they already start their training at over 2,000 metres.

Precious tips by our experts

As a hiking hotel, the Tratterhof has passionate guides who know our region like the back of their hand. Every Monday there is a so-called hiking tribe table, at which our guides give valuable tips for exploring our region by hiking or running.

Runners' paradise just behind the hotel

Directly behind the Hotel Tratterhof there is a forest which forms the natural entrance to the idyllic Altfass valley. Well-marked hiking trails provide more than 100 km of running tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. Five routes alone start directly behind the hotel and offer a running tour through the natural jewels of our holiday region.
Professionals and recreational athletes will find their mountain heaven in the Hotel Tratterhof for meaningful endurance training at lofty heights. And you won't miss out on fantastic panoramic views of the Dolomites.

Brixen Dolomiti Marathon

A must for all ambitious runners is the Brixen Dolomites Marathon, which runs from Brixen to the Plose mountain and covers an altitude difference of 2450 metres. Every year in July, this run attracts mountain runners who are prepared to push their limits.

Photo: Brixen Tourismus Gen. (c) Grüner_PGT9147

Outdoor & Indoor

The modern Monte Silva Skyroom gym is equipped with more than 25 Technogym machines and self-explanatory workout units that complement the possibilities of endurance and strength training in the great outdoors.

Regeneration in the Monte Silva Spa

In our two-storey wellness area Monte Silva Spa with over 3,500 m2 you can regenerate in absolute peace from the conscious strains on the mountain. Those who want to help with the regeneration will enjoy the massage program of our beauty farm. Sports massages, hay baths and the beneficial effects of our Monte Silva Cura natural cosmetics will soon bring you up to speed again. So the training can begin the next day with full vigour again.

Who knows, maybe even with new running buddies?

Partner has alternative programme

Sometimes not both partners run. The varied activity programme of the Tratterhof and the sauna world of Monte Silva Spa ensure that the less enthusiastic runner is well looked after in the meantime. The runner can devote himself with a clear conscience to his altitude training and running preparation, while his partner will not be bored. With the Almencard+ advantage card, South Tyrol has well over 80 museums to choose from and you can enjoy free admission to them.

The many mountain huts along the trails are also an ideal meeting point on the mountain. If one partner begins the descent, the other starts the ascent in the Tratterhof. You meet half way in one of the many rustic alpine huts.

Special Running Offers

Especially in the spring and autumn months, the Tratterhof offers very interesting prices that are specially designed for running enthusiasts. These include map material with GPS data, sports massage, carboloading choice menu and other Tratterhof inclusive services that make every runner's heart beat faster.


Free WLan access in all suites and rooms as well as in all public hotel areas guarantees a fast and smooth access to the Internet for updating your own Smartwatch programs and for tour planning.

The weather in Gitschberg Jochtal

The location on the south side of the Alps guarantees more than 300 sunny days a year and thus provides optimal training conditions in the alpine world of Gitschberg Jochtal/Rio Pusteria. The temperature during the training sessions on the mountain is warm enough to feel comfortable and cool enough not to interfere excessively with the training and the hydrogen balance.

Even on rare rainy days, the many alpine huts which offer catering are always within easy reach for our runners. There they can find food and shelter during troubled runs.

Refreshment along the trails

The tracks are lined with alpine mountain huts with refreshment facilities and idyllic mountain brooks with clean drinking water, spread all over the landscape. It is not for nothing that our holiday region is called the Gitschberg Jochtal alpine pasture region. In summer you will find more than 30 managed huts here. Here you make a stop to recharge your batteries, freshen up or set yourself the goal of reaching a certain alpine hut as a reward.

Almencard+ - added value of the Tratterhof

With this advantage card, which is included in the price of a summer stay at the Tratterhof, guests can use the local mountain railways to the Gitschberg and Jochtal as well as all public transport in South Tyrol free of charge. In this way our runners also reach the respective mountain stations and can start their training there. In addition, the flexible mobility of the advantage card means that other runners' Meccas can be easily reached by public transport.

The cuisine of the Tratterhof

The pampering half-board in the Tratterhof is based on the principles of the alpine cuisine of the Vitalpina Hotels. With a focus on protein and carbohydrates, the focus is on a low-fat, yet tasty cuisine.


Trail-Lauf auf den Gitschberg vom Tratterhof aus

Trail-Lauf zur Panoramaplattform am Gitschberg (2.512 m)

Brixen Dolomiten Marathon

Why altitude training


Today even ambitious recreational runners devote themselves to targeted altitude training in order to prepare themselves optimally for a strenuous run on the plain. It is well known that altitude training increases performance. The burning of fat is optimally stimulated and the stamina is increased.

How does this happen?

At higher altitudes, air pressure and air density drop. The oxygen content in the air also decreases. The body adapts to these changed training conditions in the mountains. More red blood cells and the muscle hemoglobin myoglobin are produced. This directly causes an increased oxygen intake and its better utilization in the musculature. The effect lasts for a certain time even in deeper regions and the body promises an improved performance level during the runs there. The increased performance level has an effect in the weeks after the altitude training. First and foremost, the athlete's endurance capacity increases. An altitude training should last at least one week. The increase in performance lasts several weeks.

Ideally, you should spend your running holiday in the Tratterhof about 3-4 weeks before your running event.


Important tips for altitude training in our mountains

  • Good endurance performance should be developed beforehand
  • Experience in training design already available
  • Assess and moderate training intensities well
  • Careful handling of the volume of altitude training
  • The first days of altitude training are used for adaptation. This is best done by hiking or leisurely walks.
  • Drink enough: the amount of liquid should be increased by at least 1 litre of liquid per 1000 m additional altitude. Drink enough on the way.
  • The recovery time is longer due to the altitude, therefore a lot of time should be consciously planned for regeneration. This can take the form of massages, plenty of sleep, baths, lazing around and easy hikes. The Tratterhof offers the best conditions for all this.
  • Sun protection important because of the more intensive UV radiation on the mountain

    Where does the idea for altitude training come from?


    Performance increase through altitude training?
    Ambitious runners and competition runners achieve a very good increase in their performance with regard to the big running events through altitude training.
    Research on altitude training for runners began in the 1950s. At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, which took place at 2,000 m, research was intensified. The dominance of the Kenyan and Ethiopian highland runners made altitude training an increasingly important topic for professional athletes and recreational athletes with ambitions.

    Quotes about running


    "The marathon is a contest between your will and your possibilities." (Jeff Galloway)

    "Only those who risk going too far can even figure out how far they can go." (T.S. Eliot)

    "An athlete can't walk with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head." (Emil Zátopek)

    "Man moves no less because he grows old. He gets old because he moves less. So move yourself! (Gustav-Adolf Schur)

    "The pain goes, the pride stays." (unknown author)

    "It's never too late to become what you could have been." (George Eliot)

    "I often hear someone say "I'm not a real runner. We are all real runners - some run just faster than others. I've never seen a 'wrong' runner before." (Bart Yasso)

    "He who wants to move the world should first move himself." (Socrates)

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