Trail of Creation
Trail of Creation
Trail of Creation
Trail of Creation

The Trail of Creation

The fantastic scenery on the Alpe di Rodengo and Luson

It is no coincidence that this path was created right here on the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm (Alpe di Rodengo and Luson). The picturesque backdrop makes its viewers feel wonderfully close to creation, especially in the early morning hours and at dusk. The healing tranquillity in the midst of the natural and cultural landscape at 1,800 metres is pervasively perceptible.

On this well-designed path, the interested hiker is introduced to the biblical story of creation by means of 8 works of art, which are logically distributed along the approx. 6 km long path of contemplation.

The Confingweg (path no. 4), only a few minutes' walk from the Zumis car park, demands the hiker's attention from the very beginning: from the creation of heaven and earth on the first day to the most complicated creature, man on the 6th day, the path leads comfortably past the Roner Hut and ends at the little church "Pianer Kreuz".

The chapel dedicated to Saint Bartholomew and Saint Barbara was consecrated by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2002.
It is the last stop on the path and is symbolized by a contemplative bench on which God rests after work is completed.

The Zumis parking lot can be reached from the Tratterhof in about 35 minutes by car. Our guests are also welcome to use the public bus to the alpine pasture “Rodenecker Alm/Alpe di Rodengo”, which is free of charge thanks to the Almencard Plus advantage card. This saves you the parking fee.

© Text and photos: Sascha Russotti

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