Hiking in the Tratterhof
Hiking in the Tratterhof
Hiking in the Tratterhof

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Equipment & tips

The Tratterhof is a member of the hiking hotels “best alpine” and perfectly equipped for hikers. The only things you need to bring are your mountain boots and itchy feet! All the rest can be rented for free in your hiking hotel in the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal.

Your can rent your eyuipment:  

  • Hiking Backpack
  • Hiking stick
  • Map of trails
  • spyglass
  • water bottle
  • seat pad
  • Nordic walking stick
  • snow shoe
  • Hiking spiked für the winder

As a member of the hiking hotels “best alpine” we do not just make sure you are well equipped but also that you are safe. During guided hikes a certified hiking guide will care for your safety and whenever you go on walks or hikes on yourown please stick to the following rules of thumb:

  • Always carry a mobile phone on you!
  • Never go on a tour alone!
  • Make sure to always tell somebody about your hiking destination!
  • Avoid dangers like changes in weather or darkness!
  • Stay on the blazed path, shortcuts involve dangers!
  • Banisters and anchoring do not always hold what you expect them to! Do not, for example, climb on high seats.
  • Feel free to observe wildlife but do not disturb them! Their reaction is unpredictable.
  • Take your dogs on the leash!

You should always carry these objects on you:

  • Mobile phone
  • Good shoose
  • Rain shield
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, Suncream and sun hat
  • adhesive tape
  • pocket lamp
  • First aid kit with tweezers
Hiking in the Tratterhof

Infopoint for Hikers with Alfred

As part of the aperitif, our experienced hiking guide Alfred organises the so-called hiking get-together every Monday. This allows our guests to get information from our team at the reception or to talk directly to a true connoisseur of our alpine mountain region and get rid of any last doubts regarding feasibility, length of the tour and tips for refreshments. In addition, Alfred always has up-to-date maps with him and can respond to the personal ideas of our guests. For hikes on your own or in a group with our guided hiking guides.

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