Forest bathing with Alfred
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Forest bathing with Alfred
Forest bathing with Alfred

Forest bathing with Alfred

The oasis of wellbeing in nature

We all know the feeling. After a leisurely stroll, a lively hike or a intensive run through the forest, you feel somehow lighter, more lively, more relaxed. Life is beautiful.
Is it just because you are distracted from everyday life during this short break and can therefore relax a little or is there more to it?
Japanese scientists have found out from various studies that a stay in the forest is like a kind of aromatherapy. For this reason, forest bathing in Japan has also become an integral part of health care and a healthy lifestyle.

The effects of the forest

That is why the forrest makes us happy

Three elements seem to positively influence our respiratory process and make us happier:

  1. the healthy bacteria
  2. the rich world of plants that secrete special oils and oxygen. According to science, these oils are extremely healthy for our blood. Besides, only oxygen-rich blood is healthy blood.
  3. negatively charged ions, which are released from the green leaves into the air.

The Tratterhof and the forest bathing

Pure oxygen

The Tratterhof has taken on the subject of "forest bathing" together with its hiking guide Alfred and offers this kind of meditative mountain experience in summer and winter. In the woods around the hotel, Alfred enables the participants to regain a childlike and unbiased feeling for the smells, noises and impressions of the forest. The participants experience themselves as part of a symbiotic exchange between man and nature.
Calm breathing, attentive observation, quiet enjoyment and barefoot walking play just as important a role as sociability, exercise and fun while recharging your batteries in the forest.

In the Tratterhof such unforgettable nature experiences are part of the weekly activity programme and are included in the price of the accommodation.

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