9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel
9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel

9 reasons for our Hiking Hotel

We are "Wanderhotel" at 1.500 m

9 pink reasons for our Hiking Hotel

Caring and familiar hosts

The hiking hotels are caring hosts because a hiking hotel is without exception run by families who take great care of your health. The Tratterhof is also characterised by the individuality of its hosts. The well-being, safety and satisfaction of the guests are personal matters to the Gruber-Hinteregger family's heart.

Hiking guides with responsibility

The hiking hotels provide responsible guides, because all hotels have certified and responsible mountain or hiking guides exclusively for their guests.
At the Tratterhof they are called Alfred, Heini, Andreas, Evelyn, Regina...
They know about the beauty and the dangers of the mountains. Better safe than sorry! They know the weather, the secret paths, the best views and make sure you meet people who have something to tell. In this way you get to know special corners of the Dolomites even better.

Paths off the beaten track

The hiking hotels (Wanderhotels) know wonderful off the beaten track routes because the hoteliers themselves live in the mountains and have their own personal favourite places and favourite routes that only they know. The Gruber-Hinteregger family of the Tratterhof takes their guests to the most beautiful places in the mountains off the beaten track. Anyone who prefers to go on their own will receive very personal tips.

Security in times of Corona

The hiking hotels promise safety during Corona times, because the rules of distance are observed: a good measure is a hiking pole length distance to the fellow hiker. So nothing stands in the way of a joint hike. Our trained hiking guides keep an eye on the length of the hiking poles so that they are not too short. This also applies to the check-in and the stay in the hotel. Personal responsibility is of course also required.

Independence and freedom

The Wanderhotel Tratterhof ensures independence and freedom, because no airline or tour operator is necessary to get safely to your nearby destination, the Wanderhotel Tratterhof – The Mountain Sky Hotel. You decide when you set off and return home safely. Like all hiking hotels, the Tratterhof is only a few hours away from your place of residence, directly on the lodge in South Tyrol on the sunny plateau in Maranza.

Best advice at the Tratterhof

The Wanderhotel Tratterhof guarantees the best advice because its guides and the Gruber-Hinteregger family are hiking professionals themselves. The hiking hoteliers know the most beautiful hiking trails, the best resting places, the most panoramic mountain peaks, the coolest oases by the water, the loneliest stop-off huts and the secret favourite places of the locals. Hiking maps and perfect advice at the weekly hiking get-together included.

Fresh places by the water

The hiking hotels recommend fresh places by the water because they offer the most beautiful natural cooling on hot summer days. In the Alps there are countless large and small lakes, wonderful free-flowing mountain streams, thundering waterfalls, splashing fountains and springs as well as damp moors: there is a place for every guest on hot days. Right behind the Tratterhof begins the rustic Altfasstal/Valle di Altafossa  valley with its romantic little river and the small waterfall at the end of the valley. Directly above the end of the valley are the 3 Seefeldsee lakes.

Mountain peaks with spectacular views

The Tratterhof organises tours to the panoramic peaks of the Alps, because it is simply the most beautiful up there. It is said that once you have reached the mountain cross, you become part of the rock formation and the experience is engraved rock-solid into your own memory.

The bath in the forest

The Wanderhotel Tratterhof opens the way to “Forest bathing" because forests work true wonders. Forest bathing is good for the human immune system as well as body, mind and soul. Our hotel takes you on a journey into the world of the forest, where deep peace, cool air, proper breathing and relaxation take you into an inner silence.

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