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Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Give your life energy a boost


At our yoga hotel in South Tyrol, we regularly hold yoga weeks with experienced yogis. These yoga retreats in South Tyrol teach valuable aspects to achieve a more mindful life and sustainable stress management. Both newcomers to yoga and experienced practitioners will benefit from the yoga offering at our yoga hotel in South Tyrol.

Yoga holiday in South Tyrol

Yoga and South Tyrol are two things that aren’t often mentioned together, but there are great reasons to spend your yoga holiday in South Tyrol. Respected yogis have always retreated into nature to meditate and find connection to the essence of all life. As a yoga hotel in South Tyrol, Tratterhof reflects the pure nature of our land both inside and outside and creates the perfect setting for drawing on the full power of the mountains and forests. In our excellent mountain hotel in South Tyrol, it’s easy to set worldly concerns aside for a while and devote yourself entirely to your personal practice.

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

SkYoga and SkyHappiness

Here at Mountain Sky Hotel Tratterhof, we combine the following interesting offer weeks under the names SkYoga and SkyHappiness, which give beginners and experienced practitioners valuable inspiration on topics such as relaxation, concentration, meditation, and body control. All courses from this SkYoga programme are included in the hotel price!

Courses included in hotel price

Tratterhof SkYoga

The following course weeks are included in the hotel price. They are part of the annual SkYoga programme at the Tratterhof and are aimed at beginners and advanced practitioners. Our hotel guests can take part in all the sessions of the event week or just some of them, as they wish. We kindly ask you to make a reservation at the reception the day before each session or preferably directly when booking our hotel. The limited places at the day sessions are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Yoga meets Pilates

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

04.02. – 11.02.2023 | 17.06. – 24.06.2023 | 07.10. – 14.10.2023
Instructor: Gabi Bitzer

language: German

Do you want to continue your yoga or Pilates practice on holiday? Or have you always wanted to learn the difference between yoga and Pilates and their beneficial effects? Would you like to relax and strengthen your mind while also doing something good for your back? Then this is the right event week for you!

During peaceful Pilates sessions, whether it’s fascia Pilates or Pilates Balance, you can concentrate entirely on yourself and your body and feel the effect of each individual exercise. Your posture will be trained and your muscles strengthened. The use of various aids, varied course content, and fun as a group await you.

Iyengar yoga

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

03.06. – 10.06.2023 | 14.10. – 21.10.2023
Instructor: Anja Bangert

language: German

If you’re looking for inner peace and relaxation and want to bring your body into alignment and balance, start your day with Iyengar yoga!

We begin with meditation and simple breathing exercises. You’ll mindfully practise the precise performance of the asanas, which requires physical and mental concentration, using various aids. Your body will be strengthened and brought back into balance in all areas. Mobilisation and stretching also help clear energy blockages.

Even if you’ve never practised yoga before, you can start your journey with us! Iyengar yoga is special because it can be practised by ALL – whether advanced or beginner.

Yoga & mental coaching

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

04.03. – 11.03.2023 | 01.07. – 08.07.2023 | 23.09. – 30.09.2023
Instructor: Maksim Klasanovic

language: German/English

We use meditative methods to interrupt the flow of thoughts or help it slow down. As if we’re turning a motorway into a 30 zone – as Miki likes to put it. During his eight years in prison in Thailand, Miki initially developed various methods that he could practice in a small space in a short time for himself. He says he wouldn’t have come through those years as well without them.

Miki already started passing on and teaching these techniques while he was in prison. Today, Miki makes a huge difference in people’s lives as a yoga teacher and mental coach. His methods, which are appealing thanks to their simplicity and clarity, can be used by anyone in absolutely any circumstance in life. You can practise and learn these methods over the course of a week with Miki in one of the most beautiful wellness hotels in South Tyrol. Start the day with a yoga session and end it with a mental coaching session. Experience how much your quality of life changes and your self-love grows in such a short time. How you feel more connected to the people around you. At the end of this week, you’ll radiate confidence and feel a greater zest for life.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Book this week with Thai-Miki as a FULL-VIP PACKAGE with the following additional services; which add up to the 7 free yoga units of the "Light" package:

  •     3 exciting units of Mental Training with Thai-Miki using the so-called 3x10 method.
  •     Dinner group table with Maksim Klasanovic
  •     10 days of follow-up support to expand your awareness (WhatsApp group, videos...)
  •     Fixed place guarantee in the course

Book online with reference "THAIMIKIVIP".



Rebalance Stretching & Yoga

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

08.01. – 15.01.2023 | 25.03. – 01.04.2023
Instructor: Kathrin Rottmann

language: German/English

Effective methods to achieve a healthy, relaxed body and a balanced, clear mind are leg stretching, meditation and yoga . Old teachings are combined with modern biomechanical alignment principles. The result: an effective and deep-reaching effect on body, mind, and soul.

During this week at Tratterhof, guests have the opportunity to enjoy their first experiences or deepen their understanding with the positive effects of meditation, yoga and stretching.

SkYoga private sessions

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof

bookable all year round
Instructor: Alena

Alena is a yoga instructor, intuitive life coach, and holistic massage therapist. Helping each participant develop their very own, personal yoga practice during one or more private lessons is close to her heart. As each person consists of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy, we should endeavour to keep these energies in balance.

Yin yoga and yang yoga help us bring the energies in our body into harmony. The yin exercises are practised passively. They work on the deep layers of the body and have a particularly soothing and calming effect. The yang exercises are practised actively and powerfully. They target the musculature and have an energising effect on body and mind.

Alena’s yoga practice keeps yin and yang in balance and brings a sense of lightness into your life. Find the path to your centre with meditation and breathing exercises.

During the private sessions with Alena, you’ll discover what is beneficial for you. You’ll learn which exercises are right for you so you can replenish your energy and find your inner balance. While doing so, you’ll develop a wonderful sense of serenity which will accompany you into your daily life after your holiday.

Information at the reception
Registration: upon arrangement and at least 2 days in advance

Yoga in the mountains

The Monte Silva Skyroom, a light-flooded exercise room with a panoramic view of the mountain world of the Dolomites and the opportunity to expand your practice outside, is your yoga shala at Tratterhof Mountain Sky Hotel. Our yoga instructor, who also found her calling as a massage therapist at our wellness hotel in Meransen, simply can’t get enough of the far-reaching views.

Our yoga instructor likes to compare yoga with life itself: “There comes a time when you reach the point where your body can’t or won’t continue. You either give up and start to panic, or a beneficial mindset takes over which helps you to cope with the fear and control your body. Willpower can be trained. Even on holiday.” She finds practising at our yoga hotel in South Tyrol particularly worthwhile for newcomers to yoga. If you want to concentrate entirely on yourself, it helps if there’s no noise from traffic or crowds of people to distract you. Her asanas are one of the many highlights that bring relaxation to our guests at Tratterhof.

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof
Yoga hotel in South Tyrol: Tratterhof



Special offer in this period



  • Ski pass for the Gitschberg Jochtal ski area included in the hotel price for the number of nights you stay (last free ski pass day: 22 December 2022).
  • For non-skiers: rides on the Gitschberg Jochtal cable cars included in the hotel price
  • Tratterhof’s half board
  • Admission to Tratterhof’s wellness world Monte Silva Mountain Spa with 4,000 m2 consisting of Adults Only areas with sports infinity pool as well as separate family sauna with indoor swimming pool and outdoor pool
  • Admission to the modern Monte Silva fitness gym, equipped with over 30 Technogym machines.
  • Participation in the varied activity programme of the Tratterhof for non-skiers
  • Aperitif with our "Cavaliere" on the mountain and presentation of a snow groomer


In addition:

1 or even 2 hotel nights free of charge, depending on the chosen period of stay. Staggered as follows: 1 day free for 6 to 8 nights / 2 days free for 9 nights or more.

Offer modes: 6=5, 7=6, 8=7, 9=7 and 10=8