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Page updated on May 13th

We open 14 May 2021

From 15 May 2021, holiday travel from all EU countries and Switzerland to Italy will be possible without quarantine.

All Tratterhof Included servicesinclusive services will be available to you in full as usual.
Look forward to a relaxing luxury holiday in the luxury of nature.

The borders to Italy and South Tyrol are open as normal for all EU citizens and citizens from Switzerland!

Please note the following formalities:

  • Entry to South Tyrol / Italy for guests from abroad:
  • Currently, entry to South Tyrol for EU citizens and guests from Switzerland for tourism purposes is possible from 15 May 2021 without isolation obligation.
  • Transit through other countries such as Austria or Switzerland is possible without any problems.
  • Upon entry, the person entering the country must:
  1. Be in possession of a certificate of a negative Covid 19 test (molecular or antigen test) carried out within 48 hours prior to entry (also applies to the CoronaPass South Tyrol).
  2. Register with the local Department of Prevention of the competent health service at this link, alternatively by e-mail to or by telephone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at +39 0471 435 700. Among other things, you must provide your name, date of birth, telephone number as well as the date of entry and the country from which you are entering.
  3. Please carry this simple self-declaration with you when entering the country. Print PDF (in case of controls)
  • An exception is made for persons moving between countries for work reasons, for health reasons or for study purposes.
  • When returning from South Tyrol to their respective home country, guests must also observe the entry regulations applicable in their home country for a return journey from Italy.
  • Guests from Switzerland do not need to go into quarantine when returning home, as South Tyrol is not classified as a high-risk area.  
  • Guests from some German federal states, e.g. North Rhine-Westphalia, only need a positive antigen test when returning home, in which case there is no need for quarantine.

For Italian citizens on holiday in South Tyrol:

Locals and guests from other Italian regions need a negative antigen rapid test. This antigen test can possibly be done within 24 hours.

Since 26 April 2021, people can move freely between yellow and white regions and provinces. Persons with a Green Pass can also move freely between red and orange zones. Travel for work, health or other necessary reasons, as well as for the return journey to the place of residence to and from orange or red classified zones, will continue to take place without a Green Pass.

When travelling in a private car, the minimum distance of 1 metre can be undercut if all occupants wear a face mask. If all persons in the vehicle are from the same household, the mask is not required.
All our staff wear a mask. All services in the hotel take place as usual. Our 4,000 m2 Monte Silva Spa with all swimming pools is in normal operation.

Travel information
Additional information can be found on the official website of South Tyrol Tourism:

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