Tratterhofs Sauna world
Tratterhofs Sauna world
Tratterhofs Sauna world
Tratterhofs Sauna world
Tratterhofs Sauna world
Tratterhofs Sauna world

Sauna World Tratterhof

Spa on top of the mountain

An unforgettable sauna visit awaits you at the Tratterhof! Here, taking a sauna becomes an experience that you will remember.

Taking a sauna supports your health, cleanses your body and improves your well-being. It has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and strengthens the immune system. Especially in winter, sauna bathing hardens you against colds.

The saunas at the Tratterhof are in operation daily and offer the best conditions for healthy sweating for every sauna lover. 8 saunas and 4 different sauna types are available for you: 2 Finnish saunas, 1 panoramic herbal bio sauna, 1 bio sauna, 2 steam baths and 2 infrared saunas. These sauna types differ significantly in temperature and humidity.

A world of saunas and relaxation rooms

Tratterhofs Sauna world

Not only the saunas themselves are important, but the entire sauna landscape. Cool down your body after a sauna session. Choose between a lukewarm shower, a dip in the new cold pool with waterfall or the new cold room. Then relax in the new whirlpool, in the new themed relaxation rooms or in the new spacious alpine garden area with lots of places to retreat. The fresh air is very important, especially for cooling the head. In the new outdoor nude area, take a deep breath of the pure mountain air into your lungs.

Skywellness at a top level

Tratterhofs Sauna world

A special highlight at the Tratterhof are the daily sauna infusions. The Monte Silva sauna is the largest in the Tratterhof and is located on the 2nd floor, above the heated outdoor swimming pool, with a fantastic view of the Dolomites. From the various saunas you can go directly outside, immediately to the showers, the cold pool, the panoramic whirlpool and also to the fantastic relaxation rooms.

Learn more about the fantastic sauna and the various sauna infusions at the Mountain Sky Hotel Tratterhof!

Tratterhofs Sauna world

Five of our room categories, the Bergidyllsuite Tratterhof, the Wellness Suite Vitalpina, the Family Suite Auralpina, the Zirmsuite Monte Cembro, the Terrace Suite Monte Silva are equipped with an infrared sauna. In the Chalet Monte Silva you can relax in a private Finnish panoramic sauna. Just the right thing for those who don't like to sauna in a group.

Tips for the sauna

Sauna masters

Since no sauna infusion can take place without a sauna master, we have three of them here at the Tratterhof! The three of them do an excellent job and celebrate the most amazing infusion techniques to make you really sweat!


Sauna the right way

When taking a sauna, a number of rules should be followed. These are very important for hygiene and safety reasons.

Spend your wellness holiday here with us at the Mountain Sky Hotel in Meransen and experience unforgettable sauna moments, with our sauna masters or alone!

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