Our Beautyfarm treatments for your well-being

Book directly from home or after your arrival at the hotel. Our team will be happy to advise you and take care of your well-being.

Facial treatments Monte Silva Cura (MSC)

Face care MSC large

Complete facial treatment with special Monte Silva Cura products that are tailored to your skin:
Deep cleaning, mask, serum, facial massage, eyebrow correction, final care.

80 Min. Euro 114,00

Face care MSC small

Cleansing, mask, serum, facial massage, final care.

50 Min. Euro 79,00

MSC freshness kick for in between

Cleansing, massage, serum

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Face care MSC fine aging

Lifting effect, depth effect and relaxation. The firming facial treatment with wild rose extracts,
propolis and evening primrose provides immediately for visible and noticeable effects. In only 80 minutes the skin is padded from the inside, wrinkles are reduced and the facial contours remodelled.
After a thorough cleansing follows a professional facial massage, which vitalizes the skin and is streamlined, whereby our highly efficient active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. There they act specifically on the moisture loss of the skin. The facial contours are redefined, the skin appears rejuvenated and tightened.

80 Min. Euro 119,00

Facial treatments according to Gertraud Gruber

Hydrowellness Plus Treatment

With this treatment, relaxation and well-being are in the foreground. The skin becomes more elastic and noticeably tighter. Algae tiles are applied. They dissolve by adding water. By this they unfold their effect.

50 Min. Euro 89,00

Classic face care large

Cleansing, peeling, intensive cleansing with steam, eyebrow correction, massage, individual packing, final care.

80 Min. Euro 105,00

Classic face care small

Cleansing, peeling, massage, individual packing, final care.

50 Min. Euro 72,00

Face massage

Cleansing, massage, ampoule.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Classic Face Care Men

Cleansing, peeling, cleansing, massage, packing, final care.

50 Min. Euro 72,00

Eyelash tinting

Euro 20,00

Eyebrow tinting

Euro 14,00

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

Euro 32,00

Pluck eyebrows into shape

Euro 12,00

Applications in the Soft-Pack® lounger

Alpine herb hay bath

In general, the “Alm-Heubad” promotes the blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, relaxes, strengthens the immune system and improves skin functions. The certified alpine hay from South Tyrol is characterised by a special diversity of species of herbs and flowers with special peculiarities and healing ingredients.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Herbal bath

The herbal blend relaxes the body and soul landscape.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Swiss stone pine bath

Acts on the respiratory tract, strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles and relieves joints’ pain.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Healing earth bath

Purifies and detoxifies, promotes the blood circulation and has a peeling effect.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Marigold Camomile Bath

Cell-regenerating, soothes irritated skin cells and makes dry skin supple. Arnica herbal bath with St. John's wort reduces stress and relieves tension.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Alkalizing bath

Deacidifies and detoxifies the body.

20 Min. Euro 42,00

Tratterhof Classics

    • Body application in the Soft-Pack® lounger of your choice
    • Partial massage

    50 Min. Euro 76,00

    Relaxation package

      • Alpine Hay body application in the Soft-Pack® lounger
      • Back-intensive with deep relaxation

      75 Min. Euro 105,00


      Time-out massage Tratterhof

      This special massage is made from tried and tested techniques. The back, shoulder and neck are
      specially massaged, subsequently the main joints of the body and at the end, special relaxation points on the head and face. As a result, the entire back is strengthened while the joints and the restful deep sleep are promoted. This massage is ideal for stress reduction, awakens the vitality and provides outstanding services in the burnout prevention.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00
      80 Min. Euro 115,00

      Time-out massage Tratterhof + Freshness kick for the face

      Peeling, mask, serum.

      80 Min. Euro 115,00

      Monte Silva Swiss stone pine oil massage

      The spinal column plays a supporting role in our lives, because it is a central structure in the body, which is every day in use. Along the spine the nerves connect with all our organs and then with the brain, our control centre. Even small discrepancies can cause disturb to important functions, alter their balance or even block them. Your tensions along the spinal column up to the tailbone are treated with high-quality Swiss stone pine oil and these parts are massaged with special grip techniques. In addition to this also head, hands and feet are massaged. This massage allows "everything again to its place", without the risk to overtax your body.

      • The essential Swiss stone pine oil releases toxins and slag materials from our body.
      • Tensions are released not only in the entire musculoskeletal system, but also in the entire organ system which is reactivated.

      At the end of this massage you will have a feeling of being more complete again.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      Classical partial massage

      Massage for the back, the legs, the head-neck area or the feet.

      20 Min. Euro 42,00

      Classical full body massage

      Supports stress reduction, activates the metabolism and relaxes cramped muscles.

      50 Min. Euro 73,00

      Individual massage

      During the individual massage with your wellness therapist you will find out the perfect combination of different massage techniques, that you need right now. In the sense of holistic health and spiritual support.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      Relaxing massage with herbal oil

      This full body massage has a deeply relaxing effect, dismantles stress and weighs the body into a state of inner calm. Individual choice of herbs adapted to you.

      50 Min. Euro 73,00

      Couple massage - time for two

      Treat yourself to a relaxing time-out and experience how relaxing it is to really get off together. Spoil yourselves as a couple with a soothing full body massage and feel how stress and hectic disappear.

      50 Min. für 2 Personen Euro 142,00

      Foot zone massage with foot bath

      All organs, joints and body parts have associated reflex zones on the foot. They can be treated with a special pressure massage and stimulated to self-healing of disorders such as spinal problems  and indigestion for example.

      50 min.
      with short footbath Euro 75,00

      Energetic Stone Ritual

      Thanks to this special ritual with rock crystals and warm volcanic stones you can recharge your batteries for everyday life. The body gains new energy over the rock crystal and the warm volcanic stones allow tensions to melt.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      Sports massage

      Regardless of whether professional, high-performance or recreational sportsmen, the sport massage aims at the best possible regeneration and thus provides an important contribution to the achievement of the personal high performance. It is suitable for those who prefer a slightly firmer massage.

      50 Min. Euro 79,00

      Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony

      The Singing Bowl Ceremony is a highly effective relaxation method. Physical and mental tensions and blockades are loosened by the vibrations and the self-healing forces are stimulated. The ceremony reflects ancient insights on the effect of sounds which had been in use more than 5,000 years ago in Indian medicine. Singing bowls are placed on the dressed body and then struck. The vibrations penetrate into the body and release blockages.

      50 Min. Euro 73,00

      Ayurveda: Abhyanga full body massage

      During this massage the body is wrapped with warm, specially prepared sesame oil. The hands flow around the body together with the oil, revitalize it, promote detoxification and have a balancing effect on the skin and hair. The massage relaxes, nourishes the tissue, alleviates sleep disorders and promotes endurance and concentration.

      50 Min. Euro 79,00
      80 Min. Euro 120,00


      Dorn-Impulse treatment

      The Dorn-Impulse Treatment offers the possibility to connect almost all joints of the body in a gentle way into their original state to bring them back to their healthy position. It can be applied to help with illnesses, which directly or indirectly are related to the spine. Many years of experience show that the setup of the spinal column can influence positively the organs as well as the psyche.
      This treatment is free of side effects, harmless and yet very effective.

      50 Min. Euro 85,00

      Breuss massage with St. John's wort oil

      With this gentle and energetic spinal massage the back is carefully stretched to release physical tension. In addition to this the regeneration of undersupplied intervertebral discs is stimulated and the musculature along the spine loosened.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      "Free spine" - Dorn-Breuss-Massage

      This is a combination of the Dorn-Impulse treatment and the Breuss massage with St. John's wort oil.

      80 Min. Euro 119,00

      Back intensive with deep relaxation

      Relaxation that gets under your skin. Well-proven methods are used for this massage. Thereby the self-healing powers of the body and a change of tune will be achieved. Another very pleasant effect is the release of tensions and adhesions in the sacrum, back and neck area. The ideal combination of massage, Gua Sha and Cupping increases the metabolism and improves the blood circulation of the entire back and its mobility, which guarantees quality of life.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      Targeted exercises and gentle mobilization for the back

      Through targeted exercises and gentle mobilization the musculoskeletal system is brought into balance again, which will cause the muscles do less holding work. In fact, joints are set up to be better able to cope with the heavyweight principle (You will receive documents with exercises for at home).

      25 Min. Euro 45,00

      In peace lies strength – the power of the gentle touch

      With this gentle form of body massage generated with fine manual impulses of the hand, the natural body regulation is more strongly activated or stimulated to restore itself. The two poles skull and sacrum play an important role in this, because they form with the membranes of the brain and spinal cord a unit in which the liquid pulsates rhythmically. Various complaints can be treated by these fine techniques. Specifically alleviated are complaints such as headaches and migraines, back pain, whiplash, chronic pain, dizziness, indigestion, insomnia, muscle and joint diseases.

      50 Min. Euro 80,00

      Care for your body


      Legs up to knee Euro 32,00

      Legs complete Euro 42,00

      Bikini zone Euro 22,00

      Armpit Euro 21,00

      Legs to knees, armpit and bikini line Euro 67,00

      Back Euro 19,00 - 29,00

      Upper lip Euro 10,00

      Breast/belly Euro 25,00

      Arms Euro 21,00

      Manicure aesthetic

      without varnish
      approx. 40 min. Euro 45,00

      with varnish to take away + Euro 10,00


      Pedicure aesthetic
      without varnish
      approx. 50 min. Euro 55,00

      with varnish to take away + Euro 10,00

      Pedicure intensive
      without varnish
      approx. 80 min. Euro 92,00

      with varnish to take away + Euro 10,00

      Detox - Applications

      Through the following applications stored acids can be specifically and promptly dismantled, just where they manifest themselves in the body. Many describe the feeling after the Detox - Applications like this: "My tissue feels lighter, freer, more flowing on".

      The goal is:

      • To clean your tissue
      • To relieve your tissue
      • To healthy your bowels
      • To strengthen your immune system
      • To revive your self-healing power

      Alkaline bath

      Deacidifies and detoxifies the body

      20 Min. Euro 42,00

      Apple vinegar rubbing

      An apple vinegar abrasion stimulates the lymph flow and deacidifies via the skin.

      20 Min. Euro 42,00

      Peeling with natural stone

      The effect of valuable herbal oils in combination with natural stones from our mountains embellishes the skin immediately, makes it velvety soft and refines the appearance of the skin. Ideal as a supplement before any further care, which thanks to the peeling gets a deeper efficacy.

      50 Min. Euro 79,00

      Special alkaline massage

      Strengthen the natural flow of the body. Special alkaline massage with natural almond extract, marigold extract and lemon balm. This massage combines three tried and tested massage methods who have served outstandingly well in processes of purification. This is the "Gua Sha massage”, the “cupping massage” and the traditional "pump and roll" massage. With this you achieve particularly positive effects with rheumatic incidents, arthritis, arthrosis, food intolerances, allergies, diabetes, migraine and hypertension.

      50 Min. Euro 79,00

      Honey massage

      A deep cleansing of the connective tissue. The honey massage is available as a Russian folk remedy known and proven for a long time. Due to a special tapping technique on the back the honey is incorporated deeper and deeper into the connective tissue. Thanks to this treatment the reflex zones can again communicate in a better way with the organs via nerve, blood and lymphatic channels. The massage acts on the back`s connective tissue and pulls toxins and waste products deep out of the body tissues. In addition disturbances are compensated and various states of pain positively influenced.

      50 Min. Euro 75,00

      Salt-Honey Massage

      In combination with a special base salt, this type of honey massage supports your acid-base balance. Through a special tapping technique honey and base salt are worked deeper into the connective tissue. The positive effects of the honey massage are complemented by those for rheumatic events, arthritis, arthrosis, food intolerances, allergies, diabetes, migraine and hypertension.

      50 Min. Euro 79,00

      Specials for Kids & Teenagers

      Massage with almond oil

      (6-12 years)
      This massage has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the legs and the back of the child. It relieves muscle tension, increases well-being and promotes the inner peace of the child.

      20 Min. Euro 40,00

      Blossom honey oil massage

      (6-12 years)
      The blossom honey oil massage cares for the skin and is particularly suitable for children, who keep catching a cold, since it purifies and detoxifies.

      20 Min. Euro 40,00

      Volcanic stone massage

      (6-12 years)
      The warm volcanic stones make this massage to an exciting, special experience for children. Ideal to dissolve blockages and to increase lymph flow and stimulate metabolism.

      20 Min. Euro 40,00

      Full body massage

      (10-15 years)

      40 Min. Euro 55,00

      Face Care "Children's eyes shine"

      (8-12 years)
      Cleansing, massage or mask and individual care.

      25 Min. Euro 40,00

      Face Care "Pure teeny skin."

      (10-15 years)
      Cleansing, peeling, shaping eyebrows, massage, mask, care.

      50 Min. Euro 66,00

      Manicure with take away varnish

      (8-15 years)

      25 Min. Euro 40,00

      Pedicure with take away varnish

      Pedicure with take away varnish
      (8-15 years)

      40 Min. Euro 52,00

      "Suddenly Princess"

      (8-15 years)
      Small manicure + small pedicure with take away varnish, facial massage.

      50 Min. Euro 70,00

      Reactive Cell-Training

      Only in the Tratterhof

      Improving performance through reactive cell training accordig to the Theralogy principle.

      JThe more active our cells, the more stable our health. Due to the daily strain and overstraining
      of the body in life, the performance of our cells can be weakened on a long term. We feel this when experiencing movement restrictions and functional disorders or even pain. This is exactly where the Theralogy concept sets on. Tests are done to find out whether and which cells are interrupted or disturbed in their function and a reactive cell training is needed.

      The reactive cell training:

      • Finds permanently inactive cells
      • Reactivates physiological cell functions
      • Produces a sustainable increase in performance through home training

      80 minutes Euro 120,00
      Purchase of the home set Euro 250,00

      Applications by Vitalpina

      Vitalpina® Package

        • 1 Vitalpina® hay brush peeling
        • 1 Vitalpina® full body massage with juniper and apple extracts

        approx. 75 min. (incl. 1 massage brush for home)

        Euro 114,00

        Vitalpina® Hay Brush Peeling

        with juniper extracts according to Vitalis Dr. Joseph (including 1 massage brush for home).

        25 Min. Euro 52,00

        Vitalpina® partial massage with juniper and apple extracts

        for back or legs.

        20 Min. Euro 47,00

        Vitalpina® full body massage with juniper and apple extracts

        Initially, the technique of lymph-stimulating, slow pumping massage is applied. In the second part of the massage, slow or fast, deep or flat movements and grips are executed, depending on the constitution of the guest.

        50 Min. Euro 79,00

        Applications by Belvita

        Belvita Premium Spa Full Body Massage

        This treatment can be booked as an activating massage or relaxation massage. Both rituals serve to reduce stress and lead to a better sleep. The oil from St. John's wort serves for relaxation after a quiet wellness day, the mountain pine oil has an activating effect after a busy sports day. We recommend 30 minutes resting time in the Monte Silva Beauty relaxation room.

        50 Min. Euro 75,00

        Our special packages

        Alkaline package - 1 day

        • apple vinegar rubbing
        • base massage

        + base salt to take away
        75 Min. Euro 125,00

        Relaxation package - 1 day

          • Application in the Soft-Pack® lounger
          • Back-intensive with deep relaxation

          75 Min. Euro 105,00

          Cleansing & feel-good package - 1 day

            • Body peeling with natural stone
            • Body application in the Soft-Pack® lounger
            • Partial massage

            90 min. Euro 153,00

            Alpinator package- 1 day

              • Swiss stone pine bath in the Soft-Pack® lounger
              • Sports massage

              75 Min. Euro 109,00

              Time-out package - 2 days

              Day 1:

              • Arnica St. John's wort body application in the Soft-Pack® lounger (20 min.)
              • Time-out massage Tratterhof (50 min.)

              Day 2:

              • Facial treatment according to Monte Silva Cura (80 min.)

              Euro 207,00

              Monte Silva package- 3 days

              Day 1:

              • Body peeling with natural stone (50 min.)
              • Monte Silva Swiss stone pine oil spine massage (50 min.)

              Day 2:

              • Marigold camomile body treatment in the Soft-Pack® lounger (20 min.)
              • Breuss massage with St. John's wort oil (50 min.)

              Day 3:

              • Classic facial care according to Monte Silva Cura (50 min)
              • Pedicure with take away varnish (1 color) (50 min.)

              Euro 375,00

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