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Monte Silva Cura

The force of nature in the natural cosmetics line of the Tratterhof

The basic idea for our new, innovative cosmetic line Monte Silva Cura is based on our many years of experience: "Healthy through nature". Not only in traditional Chinese medicine does wood stand for growth and regeneration, we have also known for generations that "green heals". It has been scientifically proven that the forest positively supports health. A look into the forest and our strength begins to gather and tiredness disappears. This power of the forest, fresh spring water as well as herbs and medicinal plants from our surroundings are in the Monte Silva Cura line.

A poem by Erich Kästner tells of our experiences with the forest and the mountains that surround us: "The soul becomes crooked from stepping on the pavement. With trees you can talk like brothers and sisters and exchange your soul with them. The forests are silent, but they are not dumb. And whoever may come, they comfort everyone."

Just as the forest supplies oxygen, filters dust, gas and radioactive substances from the air and absorbs water, as well as providing living space for plants and animals through evaporation, so you will experience well-being and beauty through Monte Silva Cura. We are a part of nature and therefore we can reduce stress and prevent burnout through nature.

Why "Monte Silva Cura"

If, like the Tratterhof, you are surrounded by nature, it makes sense to include part of this nature in the hotel's beauty farm. This is how the idea of the natural cosmetics "Monte Silva Cura" and its beneficial treatments was born. The following products offer the skin optimal care through their natural ingredients and the power of the forest. The products of our "Monte Silva Cura" line were developed by pharmacists especially for the Tratterhof and are nowhere else available in this form. The recipes for the individual products were developed in months of exchange between the Vitaform pharmacists and the Gruber-Hinteregger family. The main leitmotif was the use of medicinal plants and herbs that are mainly found in our forests. The result is an authentic and, in a certain sense, autochthonous cosmetic line characterized by a very high proportion of raw materials of plant origin from South Tyrol. The name "Monte Silva Cura" reveals the origin of these care products: Mountain (Monte) and forest (Silva). The power of the forest of our mountains flows into these products and gives a pleasant well-being to their users.

The energy of mountain and forrest in "Monte Silva Cura"

Face - all skin types

Eye Gel

Eye Gel - Vitalising and cooling

Filtered chamomile with aloe vera prevents lachrymal sacs and has a decongestant effect on all skin types.


After Shave - cools and soothes

This gel is suitable for every skin type as a refreshing moisturizing kick for face and body.

Silver quartzite Peeling

Natural Peeling - Mineralizes with silver quartzite  

Deep cleansing with Swiss stone pine and silver quartzite powder gives the skin freshness, pore-deep cleanliness and strengthens the skin tissue with minerals.

Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milk - Cleans thoroughly 

Gentle, refattening cleansing milk with wild rose and grape oil, which is suitable for all skin types. For impure skin, it is recommended to massage the cleansing milk directly onto the skin and remove it with a damp cloth.

Cleansing Lotion

Refreshing Toner - sensationally fresh skin

With this mild lotion the last impurities are removed and the skin is refreshed. Wild rose water with apple extract completes the cleansing process and is the perfect basis for the subsequent care steps. This lotion can also be used as a moisturizing kick in between as it does not contain any alcohol.

Face - Unpure Skin

Purifying Mask

Purifying Mask - for sensational pure skin

Redness and impurities are effectively treated by sage and yarrow and the lipid metabolism of the skin is brought into balance.

Purifying Serum

Purifying Serum - for sensational pure skin

Sage has an anti-inflammatory effect and yarrow in combination with horsetail gives the skin silicon. This calms the skin's metabolism. This intensive serum can also be applied locally to the T-zone.

Purifying Cream

Purifying Cream - for sensational pure skin 

A pleasant, balancing care cream gives a good, tension-free feeling and balances the sebum production of the skin glands. It creates balance between the fat and water metabolism of the skin surface.

Face - Dry Skin

Hydro Mask

Hydro Mask - Revives dry skin 

Spring water and aloe vera surrounded by valuable witch hazel oil hydrate the skin from the inside and give it a silk-like appearance.

Hydro Serum

Hydro Serum - Revives dry skin 

Moisture is intensively infiltrated into the skin. Wrinkles can disappear with a treatment with this serum, as the skin is padded from the inside.

Hydro Cream

Hydro Cream - Revives dry skin 

Water is the main component of the human body and therefore also of our skin. In order for us to look fresh, sufficient moisture is essential for our skin. The skin is additionally dried out by air conditioning and heating. Drinking water does not only wake up the brain, but also keeps the whole organism fit. So that the skin is not neglected, our moisturizing cream serves lastingly and pleasantly. It is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Face - Sensitive Skin

Calming Mask

Calming Mask - for sensitive skin

Lavender, thyme and lime have a cooling and calming effect on sensitive skin areas. They have a regenerating and healing effect.

Calming Serum

Calming Serum - for sensitive skin

This active ingredient serum repairs heavily stressed skin and makes it feel pleasantly cool. Aloe vera binds the valuable blueberry, lime and thyme extracts and the lavender oil enhances their effect.

Calming Cream

Calming Cream - for sensitive skin

Sensitive, allergic skin needs particularly gentle care. Our active ingredient composition of blueberry and lime blossom has an astringent and calming effect. The skin is strengthened and made more resistant by the flavonoids and mucilages.

Face - Fine Aging

Fine aging Mask

Fine Aging Mask - Counteracting the changes of time 

Blackthorn, wild rose and sea buckthorn enrich the skin with vitamin C and the evening primrose gives the skin new radiance and elasticity with its valuable oils.

Fine aging Serum

Fine Aging Serum - Counteracting the changes of time

The concentration of blackthorn, wild rose and sea buckthorn has a very tightening effect and thanks to nasturtium bleaches pigment spots caused by skin aging and sun.

Fine aging Cream

Fine Aging Cream - Counteracting the changes of time

Rich care cream against the signs of time. Regenerates and protects against environmental influences and stress factors. The contained propolis builds up the skin and counteracts the free radicals which accelerate skin aging.

Body - all skin types


Hand Care Cream - Intensive Care

Swiss stone pine oil, black mallow and thyme form an effective trio against brittle hands and care for them intensively.

Natural Peeling

Natural Peeling - Mineralizes with natural stone

Deep cleansing with Swiss stone pine and natural stone powder gives the skin freshness, pore-deep cleanliness and strengthens the skin tissue with minerals.


Sun Cream - Protects and nourishes 

This sun cream, based on the latest research, protects the skin from harmful radiation. High-quality sun protection lets you enjoy the sun without regret. Lemon balm and pomace extracts form a natural barrier with corn starch.


Aftersun - Refreshes and soothes

Green peppermint and aloe vera refresh the skin like a light summer rain and soothe pleasantly light. This gel can also be used as After Shave or simply for any skin type as a refreshing moisturizing kick for face and body.


Sports Cream

This warming sports cream is excellent for blood circulation in the tissues, but it is also suitable against tension and pain where heat has a soothing effect. This cream contains devil's claw and arnica.



Horse chestnut, ivy and peppermint cool and relieve heavy legs tired of hiking. This gel has a decongestive effect and is an effective companion for veins and broom tears.

Hair & Body Wash - Swiss stone pine

Hair & Body Wash - Swiss stone pine 

Mild shampoo & shower gel. Suitable for all hair and skin types. The pleasant scent of South Tyrolean Swiss stone pine ensures a special showering experience.

Body Lotion - Swiss stone pine

Body Lotion  - Swiss stone pine

Body lotion for daily body care. Leaves a pleasant smell of Swiss stone pine.

Orders & Prices

Would you like to take home the "power of the forest" of Monte Silva Cura? Please contact our beauty farm or the reception. We wish you many moments of well-being with our natural cosmetics.

Monte Silva Cura

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