Cell-Re-Active Training
Cell-Re-Active Training
Cell-Re-Active Training
Cell-Re-Active Training

Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept

Knowing what works

What is Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept:

The Cell-Re-Active-Training causes an increase of energy in our body system and consequently our body can regulate and renew everything by itself again. This means:

  • Finding permanently inactive cells
  • Reactivating physiological cell functions
  • Increase of self-healing powers
Cell-Re-Active Training

Restarting Cell Regeneration

"10 million cells renew every second."
Since the body, if the conditions are right, always heals everything itself and we all, at the latest after 7 years, have a completely new body, the question arises: Why are there chronic, incurable diseases or wear and tear? If cells are put into an inactive standby mode by sudden overstraining, the still active cells have to take over this work additionally. This can be felt in the form of performance loss/misperception or even pain.
These disturbed areas are detected in the Theralogy method with special body tests and then the cell dysfunction is reactivated with the “Redater”. Immediately at the moment when the cell recognizes this, it begins to "repair" itself.

Cell-Re-Active Training

Does everyone have regenerative and self-healing powers? Do they regenerate completely?
As you know, every second 10,000,000 cells renew, our entire skin regenerates every 28 days, our muscles and tendons every 6-9 months, our liver every 2 years and our bones and certain nerve tracts every 7 years. We renew ourselves completely every 7 years, except our teeth, which are not cells but minerals.

What can inhibit or complicate our regeneration? Does your body system still have sufficient energy potential?
The physicist and Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Carlo Rubbia has scientifically proven that health equals 100% energy in the body system.
This means that diseases are always associated with an energy deficit. If the body system lacks energy, the cell functions are impaired and thus complaints arise.

How do cell dysfunctions develop?
Is it possible that your body system has suffered traumas or shocks and that you were not aware of the effects of these experiences? Cell dysfunction occurs when our body system is overwhelmed by trauma/shock, for example, which can have a lasting effect on cell control.

Cell-Re-Active Training

There are 3 types of "blows" (traumas/shocks)

  1. Mechanical blows (e.g. muscle or tendon tears, broken bones, burns, contusions, whiplash, etc.)
  2. Chemical blows (general anaesthesia, long-term use of strong drugs, drugs - especially synthetic drugs, poisons, etc.)
  3. Emotional blows (these are events that overtax, suddenly affect, happen unexpectedly and man/woman is not prepared) e.g. sudden death of a close person, loss of job, separation of relationships, all childhood traumas - e.g. neglect, birth trauma, etc.
Cell-Re-Active Training

The effects of cell dysfunction:
If a process is no longer normally controlled at the cellular level, there are different effects on the body's functions:

  • Delayed healing processes
  • Power reduction, lack of energy
  • Limited mobility, rheumatic diseases
  • Pain: head, nerves, joints, limbs, organs, etc.
  • Chronic dysfunctions / diseases

The goal of Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept

There is a test in the Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept with which you can reactivate cell disorders.
The aim is to work in a therapeutically logical, successful and sustainable way. This results in the following therapeutic advantages:

  • Reactivation of healing processes
  • Faster and more sustainable results in physiotherapeutic treatments
  • Chronic symptoms become more successful and can be treated more sustainably

"This is where Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept with Redater comes in."

The treatment:

The complaints are treated in three logical consecutive steps:
1. The nervous system - free movement of the pelvis and spine
Physiological mobility of the horizontal and vertical body axes. The first step to health is to restore the physiological mobility of the pelvis and spine. For a functioning nervous system, it is important for the body to be able to move along the physiological axes. An existing movement deficit (e.g. pelvic obliquity) can have far-reaching effects on the statics and function of your body.
2. The meridian system - free movement of fascia, muscles and joints
All cells of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and skin get their energy from the meridian system, which is responsible for our mobility. The meridians get their movement energy from the organs. That is why each meridian has the name of an organ. Each meridian is responsible for a certain ability to move.
3. The organ system - free mobility and undisturbed function of organs
All our organs influence each other directly or indirectly, and most of the energy in our body is produced by our organs. Increasing the cell functions of the organs promotes the energy potential in the entire body system. Test how you can increase your performance. Feeling well and healthy and enjoying life are the "side effects".

What can you do to make your cells contribute more actively to energy production? To find out, take 50 minutes and do a 1A test in the Tratterhof with our expert Eduard Mutschlechner. With Cell- Re- Active-Training following the Theralogy concept, you will usually feel how your body begins to work to increase its energy performance quite quickly.

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