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Whoever writes about us should also be rewarded. With this initiative we would like to motivate our guests to report about their holidays in our hotel and our holiday region.The consumption voucher should be a small incentive. It is valid for a stay of 5 days in a double room (one voucher per room) and has a validity period of 2 years starting from the holiday the guest is reporting about.

Guidelines for "Tratterhof - Holiday Bloggers


Holiday guests report on their holiday in South Tyrol at the Wellnesshotel Tratterhof and share their personal holiday experience with the readers of our website and possibly also those of the "Booking South Tyrol" blog at

Due to the authentic content and some first-hand holiday tips, the site and the blog will receive added value.

The text length should not exceed 5,000 characters (including spaces).

Content - 9 guidelines:

  1. the accommodation in the Tratterhof may play an important role in the text (share of the total length of the text up to a maximum of 30 percent), but not the only one (no advertising text, no rating as on classical rating portals).
  2. Accommodation should be a good introduction to the blog post.
  3. The guest can go into its impressions of the accommodation, in addition, on its personal connection to it (e.g. of many years guest, special events in past etc.).
  4. Other (also commercial) activities of the guest of any kind during his stay in South Tyrol should be given sufficient space (e.g. hiking, biking, skiing, museum visits, events etc.).
  5. Other gastronomic offers outside the accommodation may occur (alpine huts, restaurants, etc.), as well as events visited by the guest. Concrete product recommendations can be given (e.g. a specific brand of bacon, fruit juice, wine, etc.).
  6. Special encounters with the inhabitants of South Tyrol may also be an aspect of the holiday in South Tyrol and be included in the contribution.
  7. The opinion of the author can and should of course be a core feature of the contribution. As far as stylistics are concerned, there are no restrictions - correct English is assumed.
  8. Picture and/or video material should also be supplied with the blog entry. The authenticity is important, not the professionalism of the material.
  9. The release as well as the final examination of the content is the responsibility of the Hotel Tratterhof. Strong adjustments will only be made in consultation with the author. The consumption voucher will be credited to a future holiday and is valid for 2 years from the first stay.

Required information that contributes to the credibility and authenticity of the contribution:

  • First name and surname of the author of the blog post (info: only the first name will be published)
  • Short biography of the author / info text (see example below)
  • Profile picture: the face of the author may be, but does not have to be clearly recognizable (may have been taken from the side, from behind, in nature, during sports / activities - example profile pictures in social media). Info: The profile picture is cut to a round shape by our system.

Example profile text:

I am Roisin and come from Lakenheath near Cambridge. For seven years now I have been coming to South Tyrol for my annual holiday. Two important things should not be missing in my suitcase: a good novel and a blanket - because I love reading and prefer to read in a relaxed way in a quiet place with a wonderful view of a lake, an alpine meadow or my beloved mountains.

Become a "Tratterhof Blogger"
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