Wanderhotels – best alpine
Wanderhotels – best alpine
Wanderhotels – best alpine
Wanderhotels – best alpine
Wanderhotels – best alpine
Wanderhotels – best alpine

Wanderhotels – best alpine benefits – quality in every respect

Quality criteria

We – Wanderhotels – best alpine – are the holiday specialists for most wonderful mountain and nature experiences! People who spend every hour of the day living and working in the mountains are in a position to ensure the ultimate top-quality hiking experience. On top of this, our 10 Quality Principles ensure that you are optimally cared for in your hotel and on your trips into the world of mountains. So it is up to you to make a Wanderhotel the starting point and base of your next mountain holiday!

Individual care – breathtaking scenery
You’ll be staying in a family-run hotel in one of Europe’s most beautiful natural landscapes – the Alps.

Holidays with hiking experts
We are competent partners for your mountain holiday experience. We love hiking and take pleasure in inviting you to join us.

Hiking & tour programmes
We accompany you weekly on adventurous mountain tours, on natural-history hikes and on leisurely walks. Like our colleagues we are fully qualified hiking or mountain guides. The tour schedule is announced in good time at the hotel.

Hiking information booth
In our hiking information booth you’ll find all the maps, nature guides, botanical guides, cultural guides and road maps you need for a perfect hiking holiday.

Hiking taxi & hiking bus
In case you would like to set off on a tour or go on a sightseeing trip, we’ll give you a lift to the station and fetch you afterwards.

Equipment rental
You can rent hiking rucksacks, hiking poles and drinking flasks free of charge.
We offer you inexpensive shopping facilities for hiking rucksacks, telescope poles, drinking flasks, foot balm and skin care products.

Unwind & relax
After hiking we provide pure relaxation in the sauna, steam bath or with massages and soothing baths.

Delicious and healthy cuisine
We shall treat you to regional culinary delicacies, delicious wholemeal food, and vegetarian specialities.

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