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Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof
Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof

The concept of the Vitalpina Hotel Südtirol

Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof

The Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol are a hotel chain, made up of the very best walking hotels in South Tyrol, Italy. Walking, together with healthy-eating, wellness and local, natural products are at the heart of the Vitalpina concept. All hotel owners and many of the staff are qualified walking guides and can lead you both in summer and winter through the breath-taking scenery of South Tyrol’s mountains in the Italian Alps.

Vitalpina Hotels


Natural wellness applications

Effort and relaxation - this is truly a reasonable combination, because the thermo-therapeutic use of applied heats as well as massages, herbal packs and base drinks all help to break down the lactic acids that build up during physical activity.

Moreover, correctly chosen wellness applications can relax a slightly tense musculature, so that after a pleasant night's sleep you may again feel fit for new adventures and activities.

Here, traditional regenerative methods are applied, with natural home-grown products from the surrounding alpine region of South Tyrol being used.


Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof

Exercising brings health to body and soul... stronger bones, a better posture, stronger muscles and also higher intelligence levels and training of your senses.

At Vitalpina Hotel Südtirol you can experience Nature and countryside, both accompanied, or on your own two feet...

10 Tips on how to stay safe when hiking and mountain-climbing
Although the walking paths are well-marked and looked after, walkers are exposed to certain risks in this region due to the weather, over-estimating their own ability, lack of or wrong equipment and injury along the way.
As long as you are well-prepared and expertly-advised, each mountain trip will be a great experience. The most important things to know... 

  1. Hikes and tours in the mountains need to be carefully and precisely planned. You can get information to help you with your planning, including walking maps and literature, at the resort.
  2. Before choosing the right tour for you, each participant's physical ability and experience will be verified. You should only participate in hiking in the Alps if you are sure-footed, do not suffer from vertigo at heights or have problems with balance.
  3. Adequate walking equipment and clothing are a necessity. These must include good footwear, suitable for hiking, water-proof and warm clothing and a first aid kit.
  4. The weakest member of the group should be the one to set the pace.
  5. Good weather conditions are a prerequisite for hiking. For this reason, it is necessary to always check the weather forecast before setting out, and to turn back immediately should the weather begin to deteriorate.
  6. You should leave a description of your route with a friend or with someone at your accommodation to help emergency rescue services to locate you, should the need arise.
  7. Marked paths will lead you safely to your destination. You should never leave the marked path.
  8. You should take a break, and have a drink, after two hours of walking. The best things to drink are still energy drinks with high mineral content. Snacks such as an apple or cereal bars are also a great way to help regain your strength and boost your energy level.
  9. Please keep the mountainside clean and respect the plant and animal life that is to be found there.
  10. In emergency situations, a mobile phone can save your life. The emergency number for mountain rescue and first aid services is 118.


Green Smoothie

The cuisine of your hotel implements the wellness philosophy of the Vitalpina hotels at the culinary level.

Therefore the food on offer corresponds to the standard requirements of a well-balanced diet.

Consists primarily of locally grown foods, with high-quality South Tyrolean products on offer.
The fruit and freshly squeezed juices correspond to seasonal offer, with all ingredients carefully chosen according to criteria of variety  and freshness.

For the first course a salad buffet stocked with seasonal products  and a choice of different and highly nutritious types of oil and vinegaris available. A special Vitalpina menu consisting of several courses will then be served, combining alpine traditions with the culinary artistry of the mediterranean. The choice of individual ingredients is determined according to provenance and seasonal availability.

In between
In your Vitalpina hotel you will find a basket full of fresh, locally cultivated fruit at your disposal free of cost. Furthermore, such drinks as water, tea and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are always available, especially within the wellness area.

Vialpina Breathing

Vitalpina Hotel Tratterhof

Breathing deeply in the Vitalpina Hotels!

The Vitalpina Hotels have decided on  a new focus: Breathing deeply!

In difficult situations, when we are feeling tired or whenever a load is taken off our mind, we always take a deep breath. It provides us with strength and new energy! The hotels with the concept of Vitalpina South Tyrol will surprise you with straightforward but  impressive information around the topic of breathing deeply. Breathing deeply will be integral part of your holiday from the day of  arrival to your departure.
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